Age Care Development (ACD) - Uganda started 2002 with a 98 year old man who later died at the age of 102 he had no one to look after him after his wife and children died with HIV/AIDS. Afterwards many women and men came up with an idea of starting it that lost their children in various circumstances like War, Malaria, Landslides, Road accidents and HIV/AIDS. These elderly never get any benefits from the Government like NSSF because others never had jobs to save for their future.

This organization is fully registered with Kyenjojo at the district local Government council level with Reg. No. 00942. Many aged persons have orphans and other dependants to cater for. Most orphans who lost their parents as talked above they are left to the grandparents to bring them up. This is a burden to the old woman!!
It is on that background that Age Care group was formed to help these people’s survival to continue earning a living by for example making crafts for sale to raise funds to care for orphans left behind by their children who passed away a majority of them due to HIV/AIDS.

We therefore seeking for cooperation and assistance in proving, clothes, food, medical, beddings, shelter grants, school fees, uniform, pencils, pens shoes, to the poor grandchildren.( they go to school without even breakfast, and they and walk barefooted) The grandmothers use same sheet to wear then at night its used for covering the grandchildren.

Thanking you and waiting for your respond. If you have any question please don’t hesitate to ask.

Yours in service

Debbie Akiiki


Founder of Age Care

Age Care Foundation:

The home is a building with 4 departments on our aim is for:

a- workshop where they gather together and make crafts

b –display room and 3 offices, kitchen, dinning room

c-Medical room/first aid, where they get help for serious illness or they can call the Dr. (MAF) Misson Aviation Fellowship

d-Home where to accommodate an elderly when one is in need (10 can be taken at a time)

e- Finish the building now we need 10,000 pound/20,000USD as the exchange rate is poor.


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