ACD -Uganda, therefore appeals to the concerned citizens home and abroad to extend a hand in their plans to support the Aged community. Government should look into policy formulation issues. NGOs and general public should provide the essential for the aged.
Age Care Development – Uganda (ACD) seeks support from Donors to fund the above activities, more so, to support organizational development in the short-run.  One UN Principle notes: Older persons should be able to enjoy human rights and fundamental freedoms when residing in any shelter, care or treatment facility, including, full respect for their dignity, beliefs, needs and privacy, and for their right to make decisions about their care and quality of their lives. But this is not possible in Uganda. (Our Elderly here in Uganda can go for roasted cassava or potatoes with only water in a week to get food is a miracle for him/her.
Yet30$ can feed an elderly for a month here in Uganda. I call upon good-hearted people like you as my friend to contribute towards these elderly as you see them in the pictures. Remember Old was once Gold, so Old is Gold).